This is a generic example of our Mission Control Checklist. Final versions are tailored to the project at hand.

The Innovation Center Mission Control Checklist



You Do

We Do





Strategic Audit Report


Key Stakeholder Interviews To Align Objectives


Corporate Asset, Capability & Relationship Inventory


Benchmark The Current Business


Identify Cross Functional Internal Team


Market Evaluation Report


Market Size Estimates


Distribution Channel Assessment


Market Trend Analysis


Consumer Trend Analysis


Identify Areas Of Opportunity


Identify Market Segments & Niches


Competitive Analysis Report


Profile Current and Emerging Competitors


Benchmark Competitive User Experiences


Reverse Engineer Competitive Offerings


Establish Competitive Intelligence Systems


Global Competitive Analysis


Competitive Gap Analysis Identify Unmet Needs


Scenario Analysis Forecast Competitive Reactions


Secondary Research Report


Internet Intelligence Scan


Trade Publications Intelligence Scan


General Media Intelligence Scan


Syndicated Research Report Scan


Opportunity Assessment Report


Summary Of All The Above



Idea Generation Report


Problem Statement Definitions


Internal Brainstorming Sessions


External Creative Consumers Brainstorming Sessions


Innovation Center Idea Turbocharge


Initial Idea Screening


Identify & Workaround Key Idea Challenges


Development of Promising Concept Statements


Qualitative Concept Testing


Development Of Screener


Development Of Discussion Guides


Offline Focus Groups


Online Focus Groups


Feature/Benefit Prioritization


Research Summary Report & Recommendations


Quantitative Concept Validation


Development Of Screener


Survey Development


Survey Management


Research Summary Report & Recommendations


GAP Analysis Report


Review Consumer Desires vs. Corporate Capabilities


Identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats


Business Concept Statement


Vision Statement


Mission Statement


Positioning Statement


Target Market


Consumer Value Propositions/Key Appeals


Financial Assessment


Business Model


High Level Five Year Profit & Loss Forecasts


Revenue Drivers & Forecast


Expense Drivers & Forecast


Capital Expenditure Forecast


Cash Flow Forecast


Pricing Analysis


Ancillary Revenue Streams


Marketing Strategy


Branding & Identity


Consumer Experience Analysis


Product Strategy


Pricing Strategy


Distribution Strategy


Promotional Strategy


Communication Strategy


Acquisition Strategy


Activation Strategy


Usage Strategy


Loyalty & Retention Strategy


Resolicitation Strategy


Internet Strategy


Customer Relationship Management Strategy


Partner Strategy


Distribution Partner Strategy


Content Partner Strategy


Manufacturing Partner Strategy


Service Partner Strategy


Operational Partner Strategy


Operations & Systems Strategy


Operational Requirements


Top Level Process Flows


Customer Service Strategy


Technology Strategy


Organizational Strategy


Organization Structure


Define Positions & Required Skillsets


Recruit Project Teams


Recruit Permanent Teams


Compensation Planning


Performance Assessments


Cultural Development




Intellectual Property Protections


IP Searches


Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents


Licensing Agreements



Business Plan


Executive Summary


Concept & Vision


Consumer Trends & Market Size


Target Markets


Research Findings


Competitive Landscape


The Business Model & Revenue Drivers


Branding & Positioning Strategies


Partner Strategy - Product & Service Aggregation


Execution Strategy & Development Phases


Marketing & Distribution


Operations & Systems


Organization & Facilities






Time & Action Plan


Risks & Mitigates




Project Planning & Management


Project Plans


Project Management


Resource Planning


Risks & Mitigates


Risk Identification


Mitigate Strategies





1990 - Present - The Innovation Center Inc.